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Yet another LTE, this one in the Bangor Daily News

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by: Gerald

As you know, Collins Watch has made a cottage industry of sorts out of finding letters to the editor written ostensibly by Collins' supports, but who, on closer examination, turn out to be GOP party apparatchiks. Now I have no problem with their party connections, but what is galling is that these connections are often not disclosed, either by the writer or the newspaper involved.

The example in today's Bangor Daily News is of particular interest, and I'll print it in full here:

When it comes to politics, neither party can claim they are always right. We all know that issues are resolved when both sides come together in the middle.

Fortunately, we live in a state that recognizes the importance of electing independent, fair-minded people who will represent our best interests in Washington. Tom Allen is trying to convince Mainers that Susan Collins has caved to the pressure of the Bush administration. I know Susan Collins, and I know that is not true. The truth is Susan Collins is a senator who works with people on both sides of the aisle to get the job done for Maine. Please don't be fooled by those who will try to convince you otherwise.

This is the usual milquetoast support we have come to know well: 'Susan Collins is a nice person that reaches across the aisle and did I mention that she has never missed a vote?' There is apparently no need to provide any evidence to support the claims, because that is exactly what the Collins campaign wants to avoid - any discussion about the votes that she has cast, or her lame leadership as chair of the HS&GA Committee.

But note that Ms. Hayes writes that she "knows Susan Collins," because in fact she does: Diane Hayes is the co-chair of the made-up-for-media group Educators for Collins, a group created to steal the thunder of Allen receiving the endorsement of the Maine Education Association, the 25,000 member teachers union here.

Now it could very well be that Ms. Hayes identified her affiliation with this group, but in any case the BDN did not disclose it, and it took me all of 15 seconds discovering it on the internets tubes. Not informing its readers of such ties is unacceptable, and a practice that needs to end.

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