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Collins: For tax cuts for Big Oil before she was against them

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by: Gerald

I always hated the "he was for it before he was against it" bullshit attacks against John Kerry; they always seemed so petty to me.
But at that time I figured that they would come back to haunt the GOP, just desserts.

And so here we find Sen. Susan Collins putting out her first TeeVee ad (there are two variants, differing by small things).

The message of these ads is rich:

COLLINS: I feel so strongly that democrats and republicans have to come together.

TEXT: A good senator knows what it takes to get things done.

ANNOUNCER: Senator Susan Collins wrote

bipartisan legislation to end needless tax breaks
for big oil companies, reform our intelligence
community, strengthen port and homeland
security and much more.

TEXT: Susan Collins wrote bipartisan


End needless tax breaks for big oil

Reform Intelligence Community

Provide tax relief for teachers

Protect home health care

Of course, Collins voted FOR the tax breaks that she now laments:

Collins Voted For Bush-Cheney Energy Bill That Moved $14 Billion In Tax Breaks and Incentives To The Oil and Gas Industry. Collins voted the Bush-Cheney energy bill that moved $14 billion in tax breaks and incentives to the oil and gas industry during a time of record profits. The League of Conservation Voters called the Energy bill the "most anti-environment bill signed into law in recent memory." [Vote 212, 7/29/05; Vote 213, 7/29/05; LCV Scorecard 2005,]

Then ad to that that she voted FOR the retroactive immunity for the telecoms, and a new FISA that actually makes it EASIER to spy on Americans.

Let's see if the Maine Media questions the veracity of this ad buy - it's early, but now is the time for us - and I mean you - to hold the feet of the Maine media to the fire.

You know how to work a telephone and computer, right? Don't leave all the work to me.


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