Saturday, August 30, 2008

Howard Wolfson Goes To War With MSNBC

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On Fox News just now, Howard Wolfson unleashed a broad attack on MSNBC and its top on-air personalities, slamming the network's coverage of Bill and Hillary, hitting back at Chris Matthews and Keith Olberman for using his work for Fox to question his Democratic credentials, and blasting MSNBC as having been "taken over" by "antics."

The broadside from Wolfson, who has until now refrained from publicly critiquing MSNBC despite months of deep unhappiness within Hillaryland about the network's coverage of her, is a declaration of open war against MSNBC and two of its most visible political commentators that likely will only escalate from here.

"I'm not gonna take any lectures on how to be a good Democrat from two people who spent the last two years relentlessly attacking Bill and Hillary Clinton everyday," Wolfson said on the air moments ago, when asked by the Fox anchor to respond to some criticism of Wolfson on MSNBC yesterday

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