Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tom Allen wants you to be healthy. Susan Collins might not.

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by: Bill in Portland Maine

Maine Congressman Tom Allen, now running for the U.S. Senate, recently unveiled what he calls "a bold, comprehensive plan for national health care reform [pdf]."

"To fix the economy, to help small business and to compete globally, we have to fix healthcare. Piecemeal measures won't fix the problem and are just more of the same. Under my plan, every American will have access to quality, affordable healthcare coverage. It builds on the strengths of the existing American health care system by providing new and better choices for businesses, families and individuals who are left out of the system or lack the health care security they should have throughout their lives."

Among the highlights:

>> Every American will have new options and choices. But Americans who like their current health care coverage can keep it.
>> The new Healthy Americans Program will offer quality, affordable health insurance choices like those available to Members of Congress to businesses, the self-employed, families and individuals.

>> Benefits will include essential medical services, including preventive services, maternity and mental health care, and access to a wide range of specialists.

>> Businesses and employees enrolling in a national plan can keep their plan even if they change employers, move to another state or experience changes in medical conditions. This will ensure continuous lifetime coverage and access to preventive services.

>> To ensure that all Americans have ready access to health insurance, the enrollment process will be simple.

>> Insurers will compete for business on the basis of cost and quality, not profit from and discriminate against people because of age or a pre-existing condition.

Allen explains his plan via the You Tube here and you can support his campaign here

I'd tell you what opponent Susan Collins' health care solution is, but it seems her web site is missing a basic issues page. We'll just assume it's, "Take your vitamins and pray you don't get sick."

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