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Kennedy Reiterates Opposition to Lowering Gas Prices

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Again distorts the facts about Sen. Landrieu's vote for relief at the pump.

Instead, on Friday, Sen. Landrieu voted to move forward on a bill that could reduce gas prices now, but John Kennedy is trying to convince voters that she voted against a bill to increase offshore oil and gas production.

"John Kennedy is doing a very good job at showing the people of Louisiana that he is confused," Landrieu campaign spokesman Scott Schneider said. "After nearly a week of staying silent, will John Kennedy explain to the voters why he is opposed to restricting oil speculation and decreasing the price at the pump? Or will he stand with his Wall Street contributors against relief for Louisiana families? This just goes to show why the National Republican Senatorial Committee - the same group that is hosting a fundraiser for him tonight - called him ineffective, inefficient and not ready for primetime."

Kennedy was also on the radio this week touting his support for oil shale development in Colorado. While on the radio, he made it clear that he gets his policy advice from the popular online, user-edited website, Please see below for a table comparing Kennedy's statements on WIST Radio in New Orleans to's description of oil shale.

"It seems that Kennedy should be able to go to and find out that Friday's vote was on oil speculation and not new drilling, considering that he was able to go to to get his position on oil shale," Schneider said. "The people of Louisiana will not be fooled by Kennedy's attempts to distort the truth for political gain. It is unfortunate that he continues to put politics over coming up with smart solutions to Louisiana's challenges."

John Kennedy and Wikipedia on Oil Shale: A Comparison
John N. Kennedy:
July 28, 2008
Eric Asher Show, WIST 690AM Wikipedia:
"Oil Shale"
"Oil shale is nothing but rock with a, an organic material in it called kerogen."
"Oil shale, a fine-grained sedimentary rock, contains significant amounts of kerogen..."

"And, uh, when a, when a chemical process is applied to the rock containing the kerogen, I don't wanna get too technical but the process is called, uh, pyrolysis, when that's applied to it, the kerogen turns into oil."
"The chemical process of pyrolysis can convert the kerogen in oil shale into synthetic crude oil..."
"Uh, this is, uh, uh, a well established source of energy, Estonia and China have well established oil shale industries."
"Estonia and China have well-established oil shale industries...

"Brazil, Germany, Israel, Russia all use it." ...and Brazil, Germany, Israel and Russia also utilize oil shale."

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