Saturday, August 30, 2008

Barack’s attacks on Bill Clinton’s Presidency were wrong

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By Larry Johnson

This is truly astonishing. If the delusional crap spun by Olberman is indicative of all thinking among Obamabots then Barack is truly in trouble. Check out this exchange between Olberman and Scarborough:

Bill Clinton’s performance tonight was masterful. He reminded Democrats of what he accomplished in 8 years and graciously stated that the same could be true of Obama. Bill also set the bar very high for what Obama has to accomplish. Clinton is the master of the intimacy of the convention center, which allows him to make everyone listening feel as if he is talking to them. But he also framed the upcoming election in terms that surely has Obama’s advisors kicking themselves. Why?

For starters they will have to reluctantly concede that Barack’s attacks on Bill Clinton’s Presidency were wrong. Bill has mapped out campaign themes for them. They now have to follow Clinton’s lead or look like the clowns they are. And then there will be the comparison between Bill tonight and Barack tomorrow. But Barack is not speaking in an intimate setting. He will try to match Bill in an outdoor stadium dressed up like a John Belushi Toga Party. Not only will Barack be unable to re-create the sense of “I’m talking just to you” that Bill Clinton demonstrated. Nope. He will be in an outdoor arena that will certainly conjure up something like the public rallies filmed by Leni Riefenstahl. It will be the kind of pageantry that will repel rather than attract many Americans.

Barack would not have as much a problem with most Hillary supporters if he had run a campaign praising the accomplishments of the Clinton era. He could have made the case that he was ready to bring a new vision to build on the foundation laid by Bill, but he did not. He ran against Bill’s legacy but did not mention him by name. Nope. He praised Ronald Reagan for changing the direction of the country. He said Reagan did it in a way that Clinton did not. Don’t take my word. Thank God for video tape.

Let’s give Bill Clinton credit. He had every reason to tell this chump to shove it. Instead, he rose above his personal hurt and the insults, and still tried to help Barack. But Bill can’t win it for Barack. As the days unfold folks will come to appreciate more and more that Barack is no Bill Clinton. We know Bill Clinton. Barack, you ain’t got the stuff.

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