Sunday, August 17, 2008

Kennedy Changing His Positions On Everything!

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by: ryan

So, TPM Media and Senate Guru have roasted the walking, talking punchline also known as John Neely Kennedy.
Back in 2004, Kennedy was quoted by the Baton Rouge Advocate as saying in regards to privatizing Social Security:

"It's called a trust fund for a reason."
So when Kennedy came out for privatizing Social Security yesterday while on his "Nonsense on a Bus" tour, TPM and Senate Guru hit Kennedy for flip-flopping on whether Social Security should be privatized.

But it gets so much better, as I posted earlier about the fundraising #'s of both candidates in the 2Q. I pointed that not only was the Kennedy campaign out-raised by Senator Landrieu, but Kennedy's fundraising total without President Bush was about $420,000 less than he had raised last quarter. So what does the Kennedy campaign do?

They amend their fundraising total to $1.51 million, or $100,000 more than the Landrieu campaign.

I expect that to last until they both officially file the reports with the Senate ... and it will come out that Senator Landrieu has out-raised the walking punchline otherwise known as John Neely Kennedy.

If I'm wrong, I'll donate $10 to Senator Landrieu's campaign up in the right corner of this blog. If I'm right, I want one of y'all to donate $10 to Senator Landrieu's campaign.

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