Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kennedy Calls Sheriffs Endorsement "Meaningless"

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The John Kennedy campaign and its political operatives showed just how little they know about Louisiana when they insulted the state's sheriffs, characterizing their endorsement of United States Senator Mary L. Landrieu, D-La., as "minor" and "meaningless."

"Sen. Landrieu is very proud to have earned the endorsement of the Louisiana Sheriff's Association by fighting for law enforcement from the time she was elected to the United States Senate," said Landrieu campaign spokesman Scott Schneider. "As the Sheriffs noted, Sen. Landrieu is the person in Congress they depend on to fight for them each and every day."

The endorsement of the Louisiana Sheriffs' Association is one of the most coveted in Louisiana politics since sheriffs have unique stature and power in the state. Senator Landrieu was endorsed by acclamation by the Louisiana Sheriffs on Friday at their convention attended by 48 sheriffs.

Kennedy's spokesperson dismissed the endorsement as "meaningless" and claimed that the "front lines" sheriffs would be standing with his candidate, despite the fact that sheriffs from both parties have already declared their support for Sen. Landrieu.

"Louisiana's sheriffs on the front lines are supporting Sen. Landrieu," Schneider said. "And that includes Republican Plaquemines Parish Sheriff Jiff Hingle and John Kennedy's home parish Sheriff Jack Strain.

"John Kennedy begged and pleaded for months to get the Sheriffs' endorsement, and they refused. Given the choice, they proudly endorsed Sen. Landrieu."

Yesterday, Sheriff Hingle and West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff Mike Cazes authored an email to Louisianians about why they joined 46 other sheriffs to vote by acclamation to endorse Sen. Landrieu.

"The bottom line is that Senator Mary Landrieu always stands by law enforcement. And now we are going to stand by her," the sheriffs wrote. "She is the 'go to' member of our congressional delegation when the Sheriffs need assistance."

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