Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kennedy "Stands Up" Against Oil Drilling and Energy Independence

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After weeks of falsely accusing U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu, D-La., of opposing expanded offshore oil and gas exploration on the outer continental shelf, Senate candidate John Kennedy attacked her bipartisan plan to open up to 200 million new acres to production. The New Energy Reform Act would open up to 38 million new acres in the Gulf of Mexico alone, meaning more income for Louisiana because of Sen. Landrieu's efforts to secure revenue sharing for the state.

"If it wasn't clear before, John Kennedy made sure to tell everyone that he opposes real solutions to America's energy crisis," Landrieu campaign spokesman Scott Schneider said. "Sen. Landrieu joined a group of five Republicans and four other Democrats to propose a commonsense, bipartisan plan that will expand drilling, increase conservation and make America more energy independent. In response, John Kennedy played politics."

Opposing the bill means that John Kennedy opposes the following provisions to lower gas prices and move America toward greater energy independence:

Opening up to 200 million new acres on the outer continental shelf to oil and gas production, and 38 million acres in the Gulf of Mexico alone;

Requiring that oil and gas produced in new domestic drilling to be used in the country;

Moving cars and trucks toward non-oil fuel sources to decrease America's dependence on foreign energy production;

Providing tax incentives to American drivers who move toward alternative fuel vehicles;
Researching and developing biofuels;

And investing in domestic nuclear production.
"John Kennedy is one confused politician," Schneider said. "He goes on talk radio daily to highlight the importance of new energy solutions, but right when we have a bipartisan, passable plan to implement a comprehensive energy solution, he calls it 'outrageous.' He has no idea who he is or what he stands for.

"Mr. Kennedy should stop wasting his time playing politics and start trying to come up with a solution to America's energy crisis. His only energy plan is more hot air."

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