Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sen. Susan Collins & George Bush continue to sacrifice for our troops

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Hey, occupying a sovereign country has not been easy for George Bush & Sen. Susan Collins of Maine! I’m not sure how they’ve been able to survive all this time knowing their sacrifice has been greater than our soldiers. Our soldiers must continue to appreciate what George & Susan are doing for them!

Here’s George Bush’s continued sacrifice for our troops (may gawd give him the strength to carry on!)…

(hat tip to twolf1 for linking to this cartoon today on FireDogLake)

And poor Sen. Suzie-Q. She too continues to sacrifice by having to take tough questions from WGME, you know, the right wing television station owned by the Sinclair Group that has clicked it’s jackboots together in unison for years now, while they hailed George Bush’s illegal occupation and Suzie-Q’s coverup of the crimes committed by the Bush Regime!

Here’s the video showing Collins sacrificing for our troops. She’s thinking, “I’m sacrificing for our troops over here….so our troops don’t have to sacrifice over there!”….

Ah yes! Suzie-Q continues to be Bush’s Commander Girl who sacrifices every day in the face of those who question her actions and inactions over the years!

Sen. Susan Collins has…

Sacrificed by not taking a sick day….evah!
Sacrificed and continues to support Joe Lieberman, John McCain, and REVEREND HAGEE (you know, the guy who hates Catholics such as Suzie-Q and who basically wants us all dead so Jesus can return) to get her war in Iran!
Continued to stand up for those white people who want to wear RACIST HALLOWEEN COSTUMES!
Continued to use the same kind of advertising as FEMA has, because it’s deceitful! What a sacrifice for our soldiers!
Always stood by KBR/Halliburton/Blackwater’s side which is one of her biggest sacrifices! Hell, not even the young woman who was brutally raped by KBR/Halliburton employees resulting in her breasts being ripped from her rib cage & requiring reconstructive surgery…..WAS NOT ENOUGH TO GET SUSAN COLLINS TO INVESTIGATE!
Not been able to see the forest through the trees and that is one of her biggest sacrifices!

And let’s not forget when Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast a couple years ago. George Bush ate cake with John McCain and played guitar on stage with young white people as our fellow Americans drowned in their attics!

Not sending in some boats to rescue people was a huge sacrifice for Georgie & Suzie! Don’t you people know that? It was hard for Sen. Susan Collins to have to face the after effects of Katrina when her Commander Guy was having a blast! She wanted to join in on the fun for crying out loud! Hell, she said, “I asked the White House if they were fine with their response to Katrina and they said ‘yes’. That’s good enough for me. Now Georgie! Throw me that really cool guitar of yours!”.

Yeah, yeah, and let’s not forget how Joe Lieberman sacrificed right along with Suzie-Q! Together, they covered up ‘da crimes.


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