Thursday, May 14, 2009

GOP Leader To Obama: Only Release Torture Docs That Could Prove Cheney Right

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By Greg Sargent

John Boehner and the House GOP leadership have adopted a new position on torture: The only classified info Obama should release about the torture program is that which could prove Dick Cheney’s claim that torture worked to be true.

This is not an exaggeration. It really is their position.

In a meeting at the White House between Congressional leaders and Obama late yesterday, Boehner pushed Obama to release unspecified documents detailing the intel yielded by torture, suggesting they could show torture had been effective, the Times reports.
Boehner elaborated in a statement on his Web site: “I asked the President today to release information about what these interrogation methods yielded, because the American people deserve to make their judgments about this national security matter based on the full set of facts.”

As you know, Cheney has also asked the CIA to declassify memos that detail the same thing.

But Boehner has also repeatedly attacked Obama for releasing the torture memos detailing the actual techniques used, claiming that this compromised our safety. Just yesterday, hours before meeting with Obama, Boehner hammered the memo release as “the latest example of the administration’s disarray when it comes to national security.”

Do any documents actually exist that detail the fruits of torture, but not the techniques used? Who knows, but either way, Boehner’s actual position is that Obama should only release classified info about the torture program that could prove Cheney right.

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