Thursday, May 28, 2009

Money for Nothing

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BY Paul

It’s funny how “conservatives” bilk taxpayers for the most money. Bush presided over a history making transfer of wealth from the public sector (everyone) to an elite section of the private sector (less than 1%). Now we have Rick Scott leading the charge against Obama’s healthcare reforms. Rick Scott is the former CEO of a huge for profit hospital that defrauded the government for millions in phony Medicare claims. He resigned in disgrace (if you call a ten million dollar golden parachute disgraceful), and his company paid 1.7 billion dollars in fines. Paying the government instead of stealing from it must have irked him, because now he’s trying to convince us that Obama is hurting taxpayers with his healthcare proposals. He finds himself on the outside looking in as Obama brings healthcare industry executives to the bargaining table (the honest ones, hopefully). Now Scott is using his ill-gotten gains to try and scare taxpayers in to thinking it’s healthcare reformers who are dangerous and he’s the one looking out for the rest of us. But it’s all about which way the money flows. If taxpayers get it back in the form of healthcare or other benefits, that’s not good for people like Scott. His type can’t thrive without taxpayer money flowing through government and back out as corporate subsidies, needless war contracting, or healthcare scams. It’s no problem for Scott to claim he sides with taxpayers; he knows the government will get paid one way or another. And so, in turn, will he.

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