Friday, May 22, 2009

Rep. Boehner still believes Saddam had "supportive role" in 9/11

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What is going on here? It's as if we haven't learned anything over the last three years. Republican House Majority Leader John Boehner went on Hardball and promoted the fictitious notion that Saddam Hussein was allied with al Qaeda and gave a "supportive role" in 9/11.

Boehner also thinks Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction in 2002, and represented a direct threat to the United States. When pressed by Chris Matthews, Boehner had a difficult time explaining how we are better off now for having gone into Iraq. Again, this is the Republican House Majority Leader we are talking about here. If you're looking for a reason to vote Democrat in November, this interview should do the trick.

Click to watch the Chris Matthews interview with John Boehner

--- Partial Transcript ---

MATTHEWS: "Do you believe he (Saddam Hussein) had a role in 9/11?"

BOEHNER: "Not a direct role, a supportive role. A supportive role."

MATTHEWS: "What was the support?"

BOEHNER: "Uh, training terrorists, training camps in Iraq..."

Later on...

MATTHEWS: "So Saddam was in league with the al Qaeda group?"

BOEHNER: "He was providing cover for them."

MATTHEWS: "I keep trying to find that evidence Congressman, and I can't find it. Nobody's come up with it."

You know how there are some adults who speak to other adults as if they are children? John Boehner reminded me of that kind of person when I watched this interview.

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