Friday, May 15, 2009

Did Bush keep us safe after 9/11?

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What happens to the Democrats if there’s another major terrorist attack within the United States, during the administration of Barack Obama?

Cheney has already made Obama the fall guy for another 9/11, and Republicans will probably continue to reinforce the meme that Democrats have weakened national security by ending “enhanced interrogations,” withdrawing “prematurely” from Iraq, and so on.

Tons of cocaine pour across our borders non-stop, and there’s absolutely no way to prevent biological, chemical, or even nuclear weapons from following the same channels.

Democrats could make the argument that “enhanced interrogations” wouldn’t interrupt the supply of cocaine, or prevent weapons of mass destruction from crossing the Mexican or Canadian borders, and every relatively intelligent person in the United States already knows this…

All 30% of us.

Meanwhile, the same 70% percent who thought Saddam had sponsored 9/11, just because Bush kept saying “Saddam….9/11….Saddam….9/11…” in disconnected sentences…

That 70% would never vote for another Democrat.

So how can Democrats avoid getting swept into the dust-bin of history by another major terrorist attack within the United States?

There’s obviously a downside to making it crystal clear that our borders are too porous to defend, because the bad guys are also listening, and even if the relatively intelligent 30% of them already comprehend the porosity of our borders in detail, Republicans could still claim that anyone who discussed border-security had given terrorists a blue-print for terror.

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