Sunday, March 22, 2009

Scarborough: "Pete Sessions and His Taliban Brothers in the House Are Getting Pummeled"

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by Phillip Martin

Joe Scarborough, on MSNBC yesterday, talking about the bailout plan that Governor Rick Perry is so opposed to, and that Senators Hutchison and Cornyn would be opposed to if they ever bothered to show up and do the jobs they were elected to do. (h/t to TPM):

Weve been very critical of the process, as have a lot of editorial writers. It seems sloppy. It seems like the White House has been off their game. It seems like all the political skills that they learned throughout the campaign were lost.

And then we see a poll like the Gallup poll that came out yesterday that makes me think that perhaps we've overanalyzed it; we don't know what we're talking about. Look at this Gallup poll that show right now -- 67% of Americans approve of Barack Obama's handling of the stimulus package.

And now look at the Republican numbers -- it looks like Pete Sessions and his Taliban brothers in the House as well as the Senate are getting pummeled. 31% approve of Republicans handling, and 58% disapprove. This looks like Barack Obama is still on top of his game.

Yes, the obstructionist Republicans are "getting pummeled" for putting politics ahead of people's jobs.

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