Sunday, February 8, 2009

Senate Turncoats and Republican anti-stimulus outrage; new era it ain't

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There is apparently a deal in the works in the Senate to vote up a stimulus bill. Apparently a group of moderate senators, including Susan Collins and Arlen Spector, both Republicans, are on board. The package is much reduced in size, because this group of senators chopped a bunch of money out of the package. It is down to around 780 billion. A couple of Republican votes should in theory make the stimulus package filibuster-proof- provided of course, we have not just lost some Dem votes by taking too much out of the package.

John McCain sneered at the process. Two Republican votes do not qualify as bipartisanship, said he. Well, maybe not. But I have to ask, why did the stimulus bill only get two Republican votes after being reduced in size and with the tax cuts up to around 40% of it? What more do you want, guys? Answer: we want it ALL tax cuts, even though we lost the election 3 months ago. Odd.

Actually at this point, I suspect that many of the Republicans are just concerned about their political futures, and thinking, as Rush Limbaugh pointed out, that it works best for them if Obama fails. Not so much in the way of avoiding the evils of creeping socialism, it's not about that. It's just that if Obama fails to slow the reverse the falling economy, he probably is only a one termer, and there are poltical possibilities of more Republicans getting jobs in Congress. So they have to ask themselves, do we WANT the stimulus plan to actually get results? Nah. Well, it is a fact, let's not sugarcoat it. If the economy continues to fail, bad news for Obama, good news for Republicans.

Bad news for America? Yeah, but politics is politics.

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