Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Supports Failure

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Rush Limbaugh, the over-ripe mouthpiece of the extreme Republican right wing, has shown his true feeling about America and the future of our country. To quote him, in his statement about President Obama’s (and our) hopes and plans to save our country from the economic mess Mr. Bush left us in, he said, “I want him to fail.” Unbelievable.

That’s right, he and the political party he espouses opinion for evidently want America to fail, for that is the cost of an Obama failure.

Limbaugh must think it is OK that millions of Americans are losing their jobs. He must think it is OK for millions of Americans to be losing their homes to foreclosure. He must think that it is OK for millions of Americans to be losing their incomes, their savings and their retirements. He thinks, and said that he is against our government from becoming involved with ownership and investment in private companies, even though this may be the only avenue to help save our financial system and those huge employment entities. You know, just like the Bush administration started.

After badly losing two national elections in a row (2006, 08) it is time for the Republican Party to decide if they want to help the new administration correct all that has financially gone wrong in the past eight years or fight the bad fight and destroy all they believe in. Republicans have a decision to make that will affect all they want to do in the future and keep their party a viable national political contender. Either they fight for America or embrace Rush Limbaugh and his “I want him to fail” destructive attitude.

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