Saturday, August 15, 2009

Death Panels Already Exist, They are Called Corporate Health Insurance Bureaucrats

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by Grant Lawrence

...."never once did I have a Medicare bureaucrat tell me what I couldn't do for a patient, but all the time we have bureaucrats from the insurance companies calling up and saying we're not going to cover this, we're not going to pay for that, we're denying coverage for that. The system we have now is broken. We need to fix it."
Dr. Howard Dean, former Democratic Presidential Candidate and former DNC Chairman.

The most intrusive system to life-saving medical care is already occurring. Doctors daily have to contend with the regulation on their medical practice by the Health Insurance Industry that decides what treatment is acceptable for payment.

So while former Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin has called President Obama's health plan "evil" because it may lead to "death panels" that decide who gets to live and die. Unfortunately, we already have these death panels and they are insurance company executives that decide who will get to live and die based upon what they will pay for.

The absurdity of the rationale in which it is all right for a person to live or die based upon whether they have good health insurance, but it isn't all right for all people to have access to health care because the government might be involved is a type of American madness.

Americans have been conditioned for so many years to see the government as the enemy but never to question their own slavery to the Financial and Corporate interests that run America.

The real enemy is the not-so-invisible hand of Financial and Corporate power that not only calls the shots on who gets to live and die, but also gets to call the shots on how well Americans live and the way in which they will live.

The money system that has corrupted the American psyche to its very core views any form of care and help for others as a threat to the welfare of America. This allows for the fear mongering of near lunatics like Sarah Palin and the unbelievable willingness of many Americans to accept the insanity.

We presently have a system in which a hundred million Americans either have no insurance or are under-insured and that system determines who lives and dies daily. On top of that, we have a health care system in which insurance company bureaucrats routinely make life and death decisions that deny coverage and Americans think this is freedom.

Until Americans start moving beyond the propaganda of their corporate masters, they will continue to be enslaved to a system that will not tolerate humane treatment of people. Americans must move beyond the indoctrinated Corporate madness by "trusted" lunatics, like Palin, and into sanity. Their very lives depend on it.

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