Saturday, June 6, 2009


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__9-11 happened on his watch and he was warned about it in advance and ignored it.
__He made us less safe with abuse of prisoners and torture that lead to beheadings and bodies of American troops being castrated, mutilated, dragged through the streets of Bagdad and hung on display.
__He sent 4300 troops to their death and unknown number serious wounded for an unfounded cause. Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11 and had no WMDs.
__He did not keep us safe from drug cartels and illegal alien criminals crossing our border.

His carelessness and stupidity and his insatiable hunger for revenge has made us less safe and has created more terrorists and the spread of terrorism. And what he started in Afghanistan and Iraq has no end. We cannot stop suicide bombers before they strike with military force.

Surge on our border and Iraq was a waste of lives, time and money because neither worked. It is just a band aid on a spreading infection. American troops are still being blown up in Iraq.

We will never completely recover from the careless and stupid action of Bush and his administration.
We are in more danger because terrorists has increased in numbers and terrorism has spread because of eight years of Bush rule.

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