Friday, September 12, 2008

Buyer’s Remorse

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By Matthew Weaver

Everywhere you look today there is second guessing about the choice of Obama as the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate. The Kool-Aid must be running low as even the party’s VP candidate is quoted, from yesterday, suggesting he’s the wrong person on the ticket“

“Make no mistake about it Hillary Clinton is as qualified as or more qualified than I am. And quite frankly, she may have been a better pick than me.”—Joe Biden.

It’s not just Biden, the media, even as they apologize and attempt to explain away Obama’s latest crude comment against Governor Palin, is starting to ask how they got stuck with Obama.

The Obama nutroots gangs are truly beginning to freak out.

“In the opening days of the general election campaign, an exaggerated optimism has swept through Republican ranks and an equally exaggerated gloom has infected the Democrats.”—David Broder.

“It has come to our attention that a large number of Democrats have gone completely nuts about Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. He’s going to lose! Sarah Palin is getting all the attention! The Republicans are so mean! Why isn’t he tougher?”—Gail Collins. As with Broder, Collins tries to reassure Obama supporters that all is not already lost.

Maureen Dowd, who has one of the sharpest tongues and wit among her writing peers, wrote Tuesday an unusually sober piece that noted McCain’s success in “devilishly mocking Obama — and successfully getting into his head — with ads about how he was just a frothy celebrity, like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears”.

Kathleen Parker explains best in an absolutely must-read commentary (see Feminist template obliterated in USA Today), where she writes about Governor Palin: “She’s what some might call ‘Trouble.’ And proud of it, too.”

Reactions from all sides have fallen somewhere in the realm of hysteria. Republicans, 85% of whom view Palin favorably, are delirious that they — the maligned party of traditional family values — have produced the most credible, kick-caribou female candidate in U.S. history.

Democrats, only 24% of whom view Palin favorably, are dumbfounded — sort of the way Republicans were when a new guy named Obama edged out a stable of Democratic veterans for the presidential nomination.

Who is this woman who could be only a heartbeat away from the presidency? Where did she come from? How could John McCain do such a thing?

Talk about the audacity of hope.

Parker notes “McCain can hardly wipe the grin off his face. He gambled and won — Big Time.”

As to the question of “What kind of woman do we want in high office? What kind of woman is acceptable? ” Parker writes that “Feminists have always called the shots on this question” but through McCain “the greatest insult was yet to come.”

Republicans — those anti-woman, patriarchal Neanderthalian gun-clingers — nominated a woman whom Democrats would call a “Stepford wife,” except she’d beat them to a bloody pulp with a moose antler.

Aside from the irony, Parker concludes with satisfaction,

“Even if Sarah Palin ultimately fails to prove herself worthy of second-in-command, her enthusiastic reception has proved that there are other kinds of women in the USA — lots of them — who have a different idea about what’s best for womankind.”

No wonder Obama is running scared. His 15 minutes is up. He is buried in his own sexism, partnered with a missing VP candidate that says Clinton was a better choice, and surrounded by followers that are hate-filled and vile in their attacks on his opponents.

Yes, McCain has good reason to have a grin on his face.

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